We proudly build custom homes for custom clients.

Coyle Construction Company executes a client's vision of where and how they want to live. This vision varies sharply based on the fact each client presents a unique challenge. Together with our clients, we find a space for each client to live their best life.

Perhaps it is a sprawling home with 2 laundry rooms and plenty of room for a growing family; or a first floor Master Suite to allow for comfortable "aging in place"; or a sleek, space efficient design for busy professionals with enhanced outdoor living. Your home. Your choice.


We've designed kitchens for amateur chefs, food bloggers, pastry afficienados and busy families who favor the microwave as the primary means of getting meals on the table.

While specifications and designs vary, there is one constant in kitchen design and that is that the kitchen remains to be the heart of every home. Families gather. Food is prepared (fancy multi-course deconstructed entrees or Ramen noodles). Homework is completed. Dishes are done. Toddlers throw tantrums. Professionals decompress.

The importance of kitchen design cannot be understated. We understand. We listen. We design unique kitchens for unique clients. Some clients have a clear vision of how they want the heart of their home and for some the vision is cloudy. We can help. With a team of kitchen designers, appliance specialists, cabinet craftspeople and surface professionals – we can help.

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For most of us, the bathroom is the most (and often only) private room in the house. While it serves a primary function, a bathroom can be a refuge from the noise, stress and pressure of the day. It is a place where we begin and end our days. Bathrooms are evolving and should be a welcoming space that reflects your personal style. Whether you desire a claw foot Victorian tub with a traditional pedestal sink or a sleek, glass enclosed shower with steam functioning and floating vanities – Coyle Construction Company can make it happen.

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Living Space

"It is not just the home but the life that is lived there"

Living room, family room, great room, gathering space … terms and jargon have evolved but there is always one room in the house where the actual living takes place. This is where the fireplace is lit, the movies are watched and the general chaos of daily living gets comfy. These rooms are integral to every home but the space and character of these rooms must be carefully designed and constructed to the individual needs of clients.

At Coyle Construction Company, each potential client has a story and the importance of these stories can’t be overstated. Busy professionals may desire a more functional living space that blends high technology specifications with room to decompress. Young families often seek comfort spaces with forgiving finishes and space to create and play. Your home needs to reflect your personal style and individual needs because your home is where your story will begin.

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Current Projects

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1036 Ashland Avenue, LaGrange
New Construction

This spacious 3 story home has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and all of the custom features expected from a Coyle Home. Located in the heart of the idyllic community of LaGrange, this community boasts award winning schools and recreation programs and is a convenient 14 miles west of downtown Chicago. The property is a quick walk to downtown LaGrange for the hot new boutiques and trendy restaurants which mingle amicably with the established hardware store, mom and pop eateries and locally owned businesses.

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